Friday, January 31, 2020

Project Evaluation Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Project Evaluation - Assignment Example In other words, project evaluation offers a step-by-step procedure of recording, gathering and organizing data and information regarding project outcomes, comprising short-term results of tasks, or project deliverables, and instant and longer-term project results like transformations in behavior, processes or policy outcome from the project (GoogleDocs, 2011; Hughes & Cotterell, 2002; Government of Ontario, 2006). This report discusses some of the important aspects of the project evaluation and its application in technology-intensive enterprises. This report discusses the use and application of the project evaluation processes and various quantitative or qualitative approaches to project evaluation and selection. Usually, project assessment or evaluation is the last stage in the project lifecycle. In this stage analysis is done systematically at the fundamentals of accomplishments as well as failure in the project practice to discover how to plan more effectively for the future. The fundamental aim and objective of this study is to determine the actual value of a program or project as much as probable. In more simple words, project evaluation can be described as "a procedure that tries to find out as methodically as well as objectively as probable the significance, efficiency and influence of actions in the light of the fundamental aims and objectives†. It is, therefore an important examination of the accurate accomplishments and outcomes of a program, project or policy in comparison with the planned tasks, fundamental suppositions, and policy and resource assurance. In addition, it formulates an effort to evaluate impartially the following given main aspects: (Planning Commission, 201 1; Hughes & Cotterell, 2002; Government of Ontario, 2006) The significance and strength of the project aims and objectives and design of the project/program in scenario of wider problems of project development policy, project priorities as well as strategies with

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